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super value

1 FREE large metal polish 4oz
1 FREE polishing cloth (treated)
1 metal polish 8 oz. liquid
1 metal protector 8 oz.
1 pair polishing gloves (treated)

$65.40 $39.99

Clean & polished Motorcycle

  • clean & polish new chrome – double the shine of original finish
  • safely buff-away micro-scratches & swirl marks by hand from paint, clearcoat, gelcoat, fiberglass
  • restore original color
  • remove bird droppings & bug residue
  • safely buff-away cloudiness from plastic windshields & helmets by hand
  • lexan, polymer, polcarbonate, acrylic & Plexiglas
  • easy wipe-on, wipe-off
  • no abrasive pads or buffing wheel is needed
  • protects all metals & non-porus surfaces
  • clean small areas at a time – while polish is still moist – wipe off

easy wipe-on, wipe-off clean & polished

  • deep clean, polish & restore aluminum – all metals & non-porus surfaces
  • remove residue from glass & mirrors – protection repels water & rain
  • remove oxidation from paint, clearcoat, gelcoat & fiberglass
  • remove rust & restore weather damaged rims
    ceramic, powder coated & uncoated rims
  • protection repels brake dust
  • clean small areas at a time – while polish is still moist – wipe off
  • No more waterspots!

  • Water rolls off the protective finish & down the drain.

  • The shine keeps -on- shining

"MAAS" cleans best and gives lasting results"

-Good Housekeeping Institute

"MAAS has no equals in all around polishing performance"

-Motorcyle Consumer News

-The Chicago Tribune

-The Miami Herald

-Tribune News Service

-The Tornonto start