stainless polishing system


FREE Large Metal Polish 4 oz
FREE Stainless Steel & Chrome
Metal Polish 8 oz liquid
Metal Protector 8 oz
Microfiber Cloth
Pair of Polishing Gloves (treated)

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stainless steel appliances:
use liquid metal polish to
after allresidueisremoved
remove all residue applied
by previously used polishes.
apply stainless steelspray
after allresidueisremoved
with liquid metal polish;use
regularly to maintain shine
for stainless steel sinks use
MAAS metal polish (in tube)
deep cleans; applies water
proof protection to all metals
metal protector applieslong
lasting tarnish inhibiter; also
"doubles protection &shine"
applied by all our polishes!
dry-treated polishing gloves
quickly removes fingerprints
applies brilliant shine; use
regularly for fast touch-ups